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It was 1969

A group of Arabian Breeders gathered in Texas - they changed the Arabian Breed!

Established in 1969 by a small group of North American breeders, The Pyramid Society was recognized globally as an international breeders' organization dedicated to the preservation, perpetuation and promotion of the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse. Thereafter, the Pyramid Foundation, Inc. was created as a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization advancing educational and scientific purposes shared with the Pyramid Society.

We stand now at a transformational turning point that calls for bold

thinking and action to move beyond organizational boundaries to shape an imaginative future for the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse worldwide.

To that end, the leadership of The Pyramid Society and the Pyramid Foundation have explored ways jointly to achieve their shared mission of preserving, perpetuating and promoting the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse while supporting breeders and owners around the globe. Given the challenges facing similar organizations, equine breeders and enthusiasts, uniting two organizations with a mutual vision and intent seemed a logical step toward a bright future.

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And now in 2023…

Join us as we shape the future of the Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse!

The merged organizations, to be known as The Pyramid Society Foundation, Inc, will operate under the provisions of the IRS Code Section 501 (c)(3) exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes that support the mission of the two original organizations.

The merger sustains international recognition, eliminates operational overlap, maximizes shared resources and bolsters our position in safeguarding the Straight Egyptian as defined by The Pyramid Society Studbook for Straight Egyptian Arabian Horses Worldwide.

The Pyramid Society Foundation's focus on heritage, research, education and the arts will benefit all breeders and owners by extending a breadth of resources and enrichment activities as well as the assurance that strict parameters exist regarding administrative expenses and the execution of charitable endeavors.

The Pyramid Society Foundation welcomes former members and supporters of the Pyramid Society and all those enlivened by passion and devotion to the Straight Egyptian Arabian to join us in preserving the past and shaping the future of these exceptional horses.

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