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Fadjur and Ferzon

Updated: May 7

Why, one might ask, are we featuring horses from so far away and so long ago? The answer is quite simple. Down through the years, over many generations, the Egyptian Arabian has had a tremendous influence on the quality of the Arabian horse at Russia, in Poland, throughout Europe, England, Australia & New Zealand, in South, Central and North America. And it is imperative that those who embark upon this journey are able to learn from the past with an eye toward the future. To astute breeders and enthusiasts, patterns will begin to emerge where it becomes evident that a "nick" is established between certain bloodlines and families, even down to particular stallions and mares. If we're paying close attention, the results of our own breeding decisions can be far more than just luck or responding to the latest fad. We can make more informed choices. We can see the future more clearly because we've paid the price to understand and learn from the past...the successes as well as the failures. Every horse we see has the ability to inform us, instructing our minds as well as our hearts. We hope you've enjoyed the February installments of this series, and are confident you'll find it worth your time to follow this page and learn even more about the art of breeding the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse as we continue to explore the global influence of the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse.

This week, our last in February and in the 1950's, we feature two very famous stallions, Fadjur and Ferzon, of the same female line, but different sire lines.

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