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As we roll on into the 60s, Arabians with a high percentage of Egyptian blood continued to do well in the show ring, and in the breeding barn. Radamason (Al-Marah Radames x Velzore) was U.S. National Champion in 1960, and Rominna was U.S. National Champion mare that same year, over 50% and 46% Egyptian blood, respectively. The U.S. National Champion Stallion in 1963 was Hajababa++ (Haj-Amin x Ababa) and carrying over 66% Egyptian blood. Remember the post we made on February 16th about Synbad++ and his full sister, High Fashion++ who both descended in tail female to the Egyptian mare, Bint Helwa (the "broken-legged mare")? And Synbad's son, Cedardell Heritage, out of U.S. National Champion Mare, Lallegra who also descended in tail female to Bint Helwa? And then Cedardell Cameo (x Cedardell Heritage and out of Silk N Satin) who also descended in tail female through Bint Helwa? Well...Hajababa++ also descended in tail female in three different lines to Bint Helwa, and all through the mare, Yatana, as did Synbad++, High Fashion++, Lallegra and Cedardell Cameo. What a wonderful broodmare Yatana was! Not a show winner that we can tell, but she really knocked it out of the park in the breeding department! AND SHE CARRIED ALMOST 80% EGYPTIAN BLOOD!

But in the early 60s something else was also brewing...

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