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Legacy: In Tribute to the Egyptian Arabian Horse - Bint Magidaa

This is the 4 th installment of this series which began June 7, 2024, wherein we

continue to highlight the stories of Straight Egyptian Arabians that were originally

featured in the Legacy Section of Volume XII of the Reference Handbook of

Straight Egyptian Horses. This special section featured the horses themselves

along with endearing stories of the special relationship they shared with the

humans in their lives. It has been fun hearing from not only the owners of these

horses, but also from others who had the opportunity to interact with them as well.

We trust you’ll enjoy them, too, and look forward to hearing from you about the

impact these horses may have had in your own lives, either individually, up close

and personal, or through their descendants. The mare Bint Magidaa needs no

introduction. She was sired by Khofo (Morafic x Nabilah), and was out of the

important Alaa El Din daughter, Magidaa. She was the dam of 17 registered foals,

9 of which were sired by Shaikh Al Badi (Morafic x Bint Maisa El Saghira), and

among them were the legendary stallions, Ruminaja Ali, Ruminaja Bahjat, and

Alidaar. Also from this cross came Bint Bint Magidaa. She was later bred to The

Minstril and produced Miss Maggie Mae and Magidaa’s Image. Finally, she was

bred to Thee Desperado, and produced the great broodmare sire, Thee Infidel. We

are pleased to feature the lovely Bint Magidaa this week and hope you will share

your stories of the influence she had within the world of the Straight Egyptian

Arabian and beyond.

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