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The global influence of Nazeer

What started with the early importations from Egypt by Henry Babson, W.R. Brown, and Spencer Borden, began to grow with the arrival of the Nazeer son and daughters, Ansata Ibn Halima, Ansata Bint Mabrouka & Ansata Bint Zaafarana at Don & Judi Forbis' Ansata Arabian Stud, and another Nazeer son and daughter, Rashad Ibn Nazeer, Bint Moniet El Nefous and others at Richard Pritzlaff's Rancho San Ignacio. Soon thereafter Douglas B. & Margaret Cullen Marshall imported Bint Maisa El Saghira (x Nazeer), Bint Nefisaa (x Nazeer), and Salomy in 1962; then Sammara (x Morafic) in 1963, followed by Bint Mona (x Nazeer) and Sanaa in 1964, and then finally in 1965 the incomparable Morafic (x Nazeer), Nahlah (x Morafic), Hoyeda (x Morafic), Nabilahh, Hekmat, Shamah, Ghazalahh, and Dawlat; in 1966: Romanaa II, Shiaa, Fawkia; and in 1968: Sakr, Omnia, Nihal, Omayma, Kahramana, Faleh, Soufian, and Magidaa. There were many others, of course, but this gives a glimpse into the numbers of Straight Egyptian Arabian horses that were making their way to North America at that time. Even so, they represented a very small percentage of the overall Arabian horse population worldwide.

The new Egyptian imports began to make a name for themselves at Class A shows and on the national scene as well: Bint Maisa El Saghira, U.S. Top Ten Park Horse 1964, U.S. Top Ten Mare & U.S. Top Ten English Pleasure Horse; Ansata Ibn Halima, U.S. Top Ten Stallion in 1966, 1967 & 1969; Nahlah, U.S. Reserve National Champion Mare 1967 and U.S. Top Ten English Pleasure and Native Costume 1969; Fawkia, U.S. Top Ten Mare 1968; Romanaa II, U.S. Top Ten Mare 1969. All of this when their cousins who had already been in the U.S. for several generations were continuing the legacy established by their ancestors in those early years: Bint Aaroufa, U.S. Top Ten Park Horse, 1966; and her full brother, Roufas, U.S. Top Ten Park Horse 1967; Joramir, U.S. Top Ten English Pleasure and Native Costume, 1968.

From this small nucleus, the groundwork and foundations were being laid that would establish the Saklawi I sire line through Nazeer, as one of the most influential, if not the most influential sire lines in all the world. In future installments we will consider how his influence would begin to be felt through his sons throughout the world. Stay tuned.

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