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Debra Kay Schrishuhn, Diana M. Johnson, and Anita K. Enander, editors

A publication of the Institute for the Desert Arabian Horse

The Babson Influence: A Retrospective  is a must-have for Straight Egyptian lovers, and anyone who cares about the history and future of the Arabian horse. Through articles, profiles of important horses, essays, interviews, and photos, it celebrates Babson's 1932 importation of horses from Egypt and traces their influence throughout the Straight Egyptian and wider Arabian breed during the past 75 years.

496 pages -  printed on archival paper 8 1/2 x 11 inches, hardbound with silver-foil stamped cover. Limited edition. Each copy hand-numbered.

40 major articles by 25 authors, including Joe Ferriss, Judith Forbis, Betty Finke, Denise Hearst, Arlene Magid, Kent Mayfield, Sharon Meyers, Mary Jane Parkinson, and Walter Schimanski.

Enjoy a trip through history while you consider the possibilities for the future:

Read profiles of horses associated with the Babson story that are found in many Straight Egyptian pedigrees, such as Kazmeen, Rabdan El Azrak, Bint Sabah, Bint Durra, Mahroussa, Ibn Rabdan, Maarou, Habba, Char Serr, Fay El Dan, Fabo, Faaris, Sabrah, Maar-Ree, the Ansata Nile line, AK Sirhalima, AK Latifa, RDM Maar Hala, Raadin Inshalla, and many more.

Learn how Babson blood was incorporated into some of the earliest Straight Egyptian programs in the US: Jackson's Arabian Nursery, Krausnick's Shar-Char Farms, Purdue's Rudalaro Ranch, Atkinson's Anchor Hill, Forbis' Ansata Arabian Stud, and McCracken's Bentwood Farms.

Follow the first Straight Egyptian horses with Babson blood that were exported from the US as they influence breeding in England, Germany, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Israel, France, Netherlands, and Belgium.

Discover the influence of Babson's Egyptian imports, and his later imports from England, Canada, and Poland, found in such champions as Khemosabi++++//, Gai Parada+++/, Al Marah Canadius++, Aequus+//, and others.

Detailed Appendices with blood-line definitions, herd list, sire- and dam-line produce, and annotated bibliography of more than 200 articles and books. Fully indexed, listing more than 2800 horses and 400 people and farms.

Breeders, Arabian lovers, researchers, and historians will all find much to enjoy in this huge volume.

The Babson Influence: A Retrospective

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