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Born to Inspire

Updated: Apr 25

Have you ever wondered what everyone else goes through as a breeder in making the best and most informed choice in selecting just the right stallion for your mare?  In the middle of making such decisions does it occur to you that thousands of other breeders are experiencing the same thing and then waiting and hoping that the mare will carry the pregnancy to term, that the foal will be born without complications to the mare or foal, and that the foal will be everything you’ve hoped for?  No one really knows the meaning of hope and anticipation like a breeder of Arabian horses.

One wonders the thrill that the Bergren brothers must have felt when they went out to acquire some mares to be bred to their new stallion, Ruminaja Ali.  Things couldn’t have gone better than to have been able to purchase the lovely, full bodied mare, Heritage Memory.  Did they know just what wonderful magic this beautiful and handsome stallion and lovely mare would create?  We’re talking, of course, about the legendary Ali Jamaal and some of his famous progeny, Dakar Al Jamaal, Ludjin El Jamaal, Jullyen El Jamaal, Parys El Jamaal, Magic Dream CAHR, and so many more.

One wonders what Kent & Audrey Herron must have felt as they bred their proven broodmare, Esperanzo Mara, to El Hilal once again.  She’d already produced a U.S. National Reserve Champion Mare the first time they tried it and got the beautiful bay mare, Ebony Moon.  Her next filly by El Hilal was yet another bay, the lovely Moonfiere, a multi-Class A and Region 4 Champion Mare.  What must have been going through their minds when they went to that well yet again?  What did they think/feel when a little grey filly was born?  They named her Sweet Srrender.  They never sold her.  She, too, was a show mare and took home the blue and a Reserve Championship.  How to now go forward into the next generation keeping all of the good while continuing to infuse needed traits?  They took their chances on a young new stallion, Echo Magnifficoo, whose pedigree represented an interesting combination of Polish, Crabbet, Spanish, and Egyptian bloodlines (through the two Moniet El Nefous sons, Ibn Moniet El Nefous (x Morafic) and Soufian (x Alaa El Din).  A filly, KH First Prize, is born and is sold as a young mare to a young Doug Dahmen who, in turn, has dreams of his own and has her bred to an up and coming stallion by the name of Dakar El Jamaal, a son of the now famous Ali Jamaal.  Could he have been more pleased than when the lovely filly, White Silkk, was born, and would go on to become the dam of U.S. National and World Champion Stallion, Hariry Al Shaqab (x Marwan Al Shaqab)?  One wonders!  And the Egyptian connection is no small part of the necessary building blocks to make it all possible.  And what we’re talking about is not long ago and far away.  These horses have long been used as a consistent source of classic Arabian type.  The Pyramid Society Foundation is dedicated to the art and science of breeding the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse.  World-renowned breeder of straight Egyptian Arabians, Omar Sakr, once used the tag line:  “born to inspire, a privilege to acquire.”  It has never been more true than it is today.  Continue to follow us as we move now from the foundation that has been laid and consider some of the great mares and stallions that continue to demonstrate the absolute necessity of the Straight Egyptian Arabian in breeding programs all over the world!

Dappled grey Straight Egyptian Arabian Stallion Ruminaja Ali posed in front of pine trees.
Ruminaja Ali

Bay Arabian mare Heritage Memory trotting in a paddock with a foal at side, barn and silo in the background
Heritage Memory

Bay Arabian Stallion Ali Jamaal posed in a grass paddock
Ali Jamaal

Grey Arabian stallion El Hilal posed in a field with a lake and red cliffs in the background
El Hilal

Chestnut Arabian stallion Soufian posed in front of an iron gate and courtyard

Grey Arabian mare White Silkk trotting in a paddock
White Silkk

Grey Arabian stallion Hariry Al Shaqab, standing in a grass paddock, photographed from behind looking back over his right shoulder
Hariry Al Shaqab

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