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The Estokada Family of Poland

This week we continue our study of the offspring of Straight Egyptian stallions and

mares that have made an impact in the world of the general Arabian horse

population worldwide. Our travels take us to the Polish State Stud of Michalow.

Pay close attention. This study is a classic lesson of going out to obtain desired

traits and coming back in line to preserve the very best. Many great breeders have

successfully utilized this pattern in breeding. In this case we have the members of

the well-known Estokada family being represented. Over many years now they

have used a variety of different stallions, many of which have been of Egyptian

bloodlines. The Egyptian lines they have used have been carefully selected to

bring in additional traits, to add to, but not take from the solid base they’ve

developed within this treasured mare family.

During one of the presentations by Scott Benjamin at a Pyramid Society Breeders

Conference held in Santa Ynez, CA back in 2013, he spoke of this family at the

Polish State Stud in Michalow. He could have started just about anywhere, but

chose to start with the Palas daughter, Emigracja. Palas was the son of the Straight

Egyptian stallion, Aswan (Nazeer x Yosreia) and out of the mare Panel (who was

by the Egyptian stallion, Nil [Sid Abouhom x Malaka] and out of Platina, a

daughter of Priboj, who was out of the Egyptian Arabian mare, Rissalma (Shareer

x Rissla), and Platina’s tail female line is through the Hamdaniyah Simriyah mare,

Selma, from the Abbas Pasha Stud in Egypt.

Palas was an extremely influential sire in Poland. When bred to the mare, Emisja,

the result was the Polish National Reserve Champion Mare, Emigracja.

  • Emigracja (x Palas)

    • Emigrantka (x Eukaliptus, who carries a single line to Egyptian blood through the dam of Naseem, Nasra) – Polish National & European Champion Mare

      • Emigrant (x Ararat, a son of Palas) Polish National & European Champion

      • El Dorada (x Sanadik El Shaklan, who carries Egyptian blood through his sire, the Shaker El Masri son, El Shaklan, and also through his dam, the Hadban Enzahi daughter, Mohena. U.S. National, Polish National, All Nations Cup & European Champion Mare

    • Emanacja (x Eukaliptus) – All Nations Cup, European & Polish National Champion

      • Emilda (x Pamir) – Pamir is out of the Aswan daughter, Parma with additional Egyptian lines through Korej’s dam, Rixalina and Priboj’s dam, Rissalma. European, Polish National & British National Champion

      • Emmona (x Monogramm) who carries Egyptian blood through Korej, Parfumeria & Priboj. World, All Nations Cup & Polish National Champion

      • Embra (x Monogramm), All Nations Cup & World Cup Supreme Champion

        • Emira (by the Straight Egyptian Stallion, Laheeb) All Nations Cup & Polish National Champion

          • El Saghira (x Galba, grandson of Aswan) Polish National Reserve & World Top Ten Champion

      • Emanor (x Wojslaw) – Wojslaw carries lines to Aswan and Priboj on his sire’s side. U.S., Polish & Canadian National Champion

      • Emanda (x Ecaho) Polish National, European & World Champion Mare

      • Emandoria (x Gazal Al Shaqab, who was sired by the Straight Egyptian Stallion, Anaza El Farid (Ruminaja Ali x Bint Deenaa [Ansata Ibn Halima x the Sameh daughter, Deenaa, who was out of the Nazeer daughter, Dahma II) U.S. National Champion Junior Mare, World Cup Supreme Champion Mare, Polish National Champion Mare & Best in Show, All Nations Cup & European Champion Mare, World Silver Champion Mare, Abu Dhabi Gold Champion Mare, Dubai Gold Champion Mare, All Nations Cup Gold Champion Mare,

    • Erlanda (x Eukaliptus)

      • Elandra (x Monogramm) Scottsdale Supreme Champion Mare & U.S. National Reserve Champion Mare

Polish Arabian Mares and Handlers
Emigracja and Emanda

Arabian Stallion Emigrant at Sunset

Polish Arabian Emanacja in profile

Gray Arabian Mare Emandoria posed against a fabric backdrop

Gray Arabian Emilda posed in a field

Polish Arabian Emira posed against a black background

Polish Arabian Mare Elandra posed in her stables

Four Polish Arabian Mares posed together looking over a hedge
Emigracja Family

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